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eco mol

The durability of the pane is determined by the dynamic balance between the amount of moisture penetrating the sealed unit and the amount that can be bound in the adsorbent. In the event that the amount of water vapor will exceed the so-called dew point, condensation may occur. eco mol effectively adsorbs the moisture retained in the glazing unit.

eco mol is produced in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. Final properties comply with the EN 1279-2,3,4, RAL standards.

Technical data
Packagingcartons 25 kg
drums 150 kg
big bag 600 kg
Bulk density [g/l]750 (+/- 30) g/l, DIN/ISO 787
Grain size distribution: 0.5–0.9 mm; 1.0–1.5 mm>98%

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