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eco sil

lubricant for piston pumps

eco sil is a transparent and odorless liquid dedicated for filling pump oil cups in machines dosing poliurethane sealants. eco sil must be applied undiluted, as delivered.

1-litre bottles
20-litre canisters

Technical data
Colourtransparent liquid
Flash-point temperature>200oC
Density at 20oC960–965 kg/m³
Viscosity at 20oC120–130 mPas

eco solve PU55

a special cleanser for polyurethane and silicone sealants

eco solve PU 55 is usedundiluted for rinsing mixing heads and dosage systems. Residuals of eco solve PU 55 inside the machine do not have any influence on the production. If filtered, eco solve PU 55 can be used again several times for rinsing the dosage system. eco solve PU is recommended by machine and sealants producers.

Product advantages: free of chlorinated, Hydrocarbons and NMP, High flashpoint, economic, low evaporation losses, Universal cleanser for all PUR-Types, strong solubilizer, Does not attack aluminium.

Technical data
Apperanceclear, light yellow liquid
Flash-point temperature63oC (EN 22719)
Density at 20oC0.845 g/cm3
Evaporation rate400 (Ether=1)

eco cut

glass cutting oil

Evaporating cutting oils ensure good performance and a balanced cut quality for the glass. It does not leave residues on the glass surface, which prevents both contamination of the water used to wash the glass and loss of adhesive properties of the glass surfaces when cut.

20-litre canisters
200-litre drums
1000-litre tanks

eco cut 1000eco cut 1100
Float cutting online glass
(thickness <10 mm)
Float cutting online glass
(thickness 5–15 mm)
Cutting with Low-E coating glass (while quick oil evaporation is required)Cutting with Low-E coating glass (while quick oil evaporation is required)
Cutting mirrorsCutting mirrors

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